Ross Service Coordinator I


Job description

The Resident Services is responsible for maintaining the healthy environment of the resident through intervention, prevention and referral. This includes conducting social assessments on each family to determine the level of assistance needed in such areas as: employment, physical and mental health, family functioning, childcare, and the ability to maintain the household. Duties include researching needs of the community, building relationships with community organizations, identifying barriers that prevent clients engaging in services, creates individual treatment plans, refer clients to community resources, follow up with clients



Essential duties & responsibilities

  • Conducts initial individual and family assessments to determine the needs of a client and develops a service plan to address family needs

  • Connect clients to appropriate services regarding issues including physical and mental health, unemployment, substance abuse, domestic violence and family stability

  • Maintains relationships with external service providers to increase client engagement in critical services. Maintains client release of information forms to ensure appropriate information sharing

  • Leads family in the development of short and long term goal planning that leads the client to increased levels of self-sufficiency

  • Coordinates with Family Works provider to make sure that clients needs are address through programing

  • Maintains awareness of needs and trends of clients

  • Conducts regular follow-up and case management to ensure clients are progressing towards self-articulated goals

  • Maintains client files and records case management activity in centralized database

  • Tracks client outcomes and produces reports for supervisor

  • Coordinates area agencies to better assist clients

  • Fosters new partnerships with agencies and increases network of resources through relationship building and conducting asset mapping to enhance services available to the participants

  • Serves on policymaking committees and social service consortiums, assists in community development and assists clients by advocating for solutions to community problems at the municipal and state level

  • Visits community organizations and understand their intake process

  • Contribute to expanding the organizations resource database by entering resources in it

  • Present on trainings relevant to organization

  • Attends and contributes to the weekly meetings

  • Attends trainings when requested (this may entail out of state trainings)

  • Other duties assigned by Senior Management.




Qualifications & Competencies

Minimum degree and experience required

  • Master’s degree in social work, LCSW preferred with 3 years demonstrated experience working in a social service, education or workforce development position providing assessment and case management services

  • Essential skills for this position include: critical thinking, social perceptiveness, time management, systems analysis, knowledge of human behavior and performance, and knowledge of principles, methods and procedure for diagnosis of physical and mental health dysfunctions.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • The ability to interact positively with diverse groups of clients with various educational and economic backgrounds

  • Excellent organizational skills and knowledge of MS Office and experience with MS Excel and a centralized database client tracking system is necessary


Job Requirements

  • Master’s degree in social work, LSW preferred

  • 3 years demonstrated experience working in a social service, education or workforce development position providing assessment and case management services


Additional Information

Performance Expectations
Confidentiality, quality, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, and thoroughness of work performed; ability to gain the trust and respect of residence, and management; maintain the integrity of confidential business and product information; ability to communicate effectively and develop good working relationships with other employees and customers; ability to work with and through others is essential to accomplish goals and objectives of the Company.

Working Conditions
Work is performed both in the community organizations, office, and meeting clients in their homes at several different sites.  Hours of work will generally be during regular business hours with at least one evening per week and average at least 40 hours a week. There will be some variation in work hours due to special projects, deadlines and other concerns. Some Saturday work may occur.

Will have strong relationships with members of Senior VP/General Counselor, Executive Director, Program Manager, Property Management Residence, Operations, and Human Resources, as well as various vendor and provider representatives.

Driving Requirements
Need to utilize personal transportation to inspect Holsten Management Corporation properties, to meet with site staff, and vendors, and attend outside meetings and events.  Must have valid driver’s license and automobile insurance coverage.

Travel Requirements
Frequent need (20-50% of the time) to utilize personal transportation to meet with site staff and/or vendors at Holsten Management Corporation properties, and to coordinate routine maintenance.  Must have valid driver’s license and automobile insurance coverage.  May have to travel for trainings both in state/out of state.